The Journey

  As I walk through the Journey of life, it is important to remember those moments that have imprinted themselves in my body. Perhaps one of those moments can be recaptured with the scarfs that causes when a young child with his family are asked to leave the country as refugees. Everything they ever had, knew and experience quickly evaporated as air in a foggy day. That feeling of uncertainty, pain, and hope quickly emerged to provide them with a new identity, immigrants.

            As immigrants, they walk through the fields of language, differences and despair. However, they never lost sight that their new identity would surround around itself in the grounds education.

            Education, a profession for the ladies, exclaims the machista society. My first-born needs to be a businessman. As the first-born, you are given an identity, a societal role, and a docile body. With that body, you create and recreate a new reality that provides a meaning to you and yours. But, in order to simplify and standardize the process and provide accountability an emphasis on carrying the name of the family last name is stressed (Scott, 1998,p.67).

            Stress is one of the most visible characteristics of the walker. Perhaps his face does not show it, but his body does constantly reminds him of his mortality through his journey. A journey that takes him to many places and as he walks little drops fall in the ground reminding as remembrance of his own identity.

            His identity quite complex may I add, takes him to a series of situations where his immigrant identity is observed and learned. One of those experiences takes him in a journey of business, banking and finance, perhaps an obvious choice knowing the constraints of an imposed normalization.  Foucault (1995) argues that power is more than being repressive, he adds, “In fact, power produces; it produces a reality; it produces domains of objects and rituals of truth”(p.194).

            During his journey in the business world, the walker learned about control and being control. In his supervisory role he was responsible for five employees in retail banking. By design, retail banking deals with customers, numbers and money all day. Protecting the customer and their assets makes a great motto that leads to intentional control.  This environment of constant panoptic observation-video cameras in every station, auditors-in-residence, branch manager remote control, internal controls of the computer “computer ghost”, reminded the workers daily of reality of being in constant surveillance.

            Constant surveillance provided a sense of protection to many, while providing an uncomfortable feeling of being of watched at all times. However, after few years in this environment and interacting with the observers while being observed, provides a new reality that eventually makes this reality a natural truth to the individuals.  In the words of Taumban (2009), the system of surveillance became accepted and invited.

            The walker wonders through out the meadows of life with the valuable lessons learned from those experiences. He decides that in order to find his own answers and questions and have the opportunity to own his voice, thoughts and actions, he needed to go against the cultural stereotypes and connect with his first love- education.