Inspiring story from a Mother`s Womb

Pero Dios, que me había elegido ya desde antes de mi nacimiento, me llamó por pura benevolencia

-Galatians 1:15

Since birth many of us are pre-condition to live or survive, to grow in poverty or glamour to have and not to have. This story relates the struggles of a first-time mother  as she is challenged by medicine and is provided the most beautiful gift that one can receive on earth the gift of LIFE.

This particular family was very excited about their  first-born. The anticipation for arrival was exciting and yet challenging as many first-time parents experienced. The lack of previous knowledge, experiences as well as many other mixed emotions were also part of daily dynamics of the family. They knew it was a Boy!!

Room was painted,house was re-arranged, furniture and decorations were added as they anticipated  the new member of the family. Everything was perfect for the arrival of their new baby boy!

Pregnancy was as normal for them and not many complications were produced other than the normal changes occurring with the mothers` body.However, at 7 the seven months mark- something very unfortunate happened.

The mom felt her amniotic fluid broke and rushed to the hospital to be examined. The doctors told her that her pregnancy was fine, and that it was about 2 more months until the baby fully developed. The mother concerned, called and visited other doctors and all of them told her the same. Perhaps it was the first-time mother anticipation to be with the child.

Without giving up she found a known-doctor that after many phone calls agree to take a second look. To his surprise the women had over 72 hours with rupture membranes which limits the baby chance of survival. Other complications also were experienced since the baby moved upwards towards mother`s chest, providing her breathing difficulties to the mother. In a way the mom and baby from the mother`s womb knew something was wrong.

The doctor told the mom, that unfortunately the baby was dead and in order to increase the mothers survival it had to be taken out of her womb immediately. The only way to reach the baby was through a vertical C-Section surgery that occurred on March 23, 1986.

To surprise of the doctors a 7-month- baby was born. He was tiny, you could hold him completely in the palm of your hand. The doctors share the news that the baby was not fully developed and his chances of survival were minimal. The baby spent 2 months in an incubators and finally was released to come home.

Despite of what doctors said, parents knew this baby boy was a miracle guided by God`s Grace. This baby is NOW a healthy 28 years old.

Thanks MOM  & DAD for not giving up on me and giving me the most precious gift that i could receive, 


Mom & JuanEs