Month: September 2014

The Journey of LOVE

As an ordinary day, I started the process of getting ready to go to work, as it was my daily routine. Pants, an ironed shirt with a nice tie was all I usually needed it to be ready for a normal Friday at the office. While we had the opportunity to dress casual, I made the attempt to look even nicer since that was one of the busiest days in the retail banking office.

I went to the break room and ate my lunch and after clocking in I was ready to continue my day. Around 3:00 O`clock things seem to be busier. I started to think about my plans for the weekend. Maybe the club or hanging out with my friends. It was always a dilemma to figure out what to do next.

I quietly visualized what I was going to wear. Perhaps blue jeans and a nice shirt. The classics look that characterized my weekends.

It was 5:45 excitement gets in my head. It’s almost time to go home!

A customer patiently waits in line. I have never seen him before. He looks like he needs my services. How may I help you, sir?

He kindly responded. You speak Spanish Right! I responded nicely and preceded a conversation in Spanish.

I made his deposit and provided him with a receipt and account balance. Wow, I thought this is a hard-working guy saving his entire check.

We both noticed we had the same last name, perhaps a common one. He asked me where I was from and I responded appropriately. He also asked me about my ear piercing in the middle of my ear. Insinuating, that it was not a very common place for them. I laughed and he also did pointing at his ear.

Oh, you have one too, in the same place what a coincidence! The nice men politely said he was on his way to his job and offered to buy me a coffee if I ever visited the restaurant. I gratefully responded Gracias! And continued finalizing my closing procedures to enjoy the weekend.

There was something about that man that it was interesting to me. Perhaps a connection, and why not attraction right away.

I left the office and I was driving, I was thinking of him. A secret crush you may say.

The weekend passed by as usual. The club, hanging out and fun times we had.

On Monday I bravely decided to go and visit the restaurant this man invited for a free coffee. I could not pass this nice guy invitation. I arrived at the restaurant and had a nice lunch. My eyes are distracted looking in all direction but I could not find the nice men to pay for my cafecito. I was disappointed but knew that things like this happen all the time.

I never saw the nice men again. One day around three months later, i received a weird text.

” I would like to invite you for coffee after work”. My first reaction was to react with my clever saying, ” Did your mom did not teach you to talk to stranger”. The mystery person, sent apologies for bothering me.

A little bother and intrigued, I asked for the mystery person to identify, “Who are you and who gave you my number”?

The mystery person responded, a friend. Please don’t be mad.

I am already upset, so really who gave you my number, I responded.

A friend! He mentioned the friend name and I recognized the name.

I called the friend and sarcastically said, please don’t be giving my number away. He responded, there is a guy that works with me and he saw you at the bank. He would like to extend the invitation to drink a cafecito. “He is a really nice guy”, the friend responded.

I waited to respond since this might be a setup. I carefully said, why not but I pick the location.

Barnes and Nobles coffee sounds good to me, I’ll meet you there.

As I approach the entrance, an uncomfortable tingling starts to go through my body. Perhaps this is a sign of not to go in.

I carefully entered the door and as I was making my way to the coffee shop, guess who I found? The Coffee guy! The one with the same last name and with an earring in the middle of his ear. What a coincide or is it?

We had coffee, spoke for a while and had a great time. Wow! What a night!

After the coffee shop, we went dancing and had an incredible night!

We exchange numbers and agreed to call each other again.

This was such an amazing and weird feeling. We spoke and texted several times until we had to see each other again.

Minutes became hours, hours became days, days became years….

Moving forward in time, to after 12 years later. The coffee guy and I still together. We never left each other after the first date!

We now are married and have a beautiful furry baby (Chiko) that we love very much!

Do you believe in love at first sight? I definitely did not, but that is exactly what happened.

Every day I am very grateful for having the opportunity to love and be loved. It is surreal at times, but love triumphs over any obstacle given by societal structures and mankind.

Love knows no gender, age, or even nationally. It does not discriminate instead is natural, organic and pure!

The journey has just begun! My Journey continues…