Month: September 2018

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Informacion general del formulario FAFSA y del proceso de solicitud de ayuda económica.

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In honor of the Hispanic National Month 2018 #IamLatinx …. Honoring my loves and sometimes..

I am a proud Latino.
I am proud Colombian-American.
I am proud to be married to a Mexican national that extended my family beyond borders.
I love to travel, to explore the world, to eat amazing foods.
I love music, dance and I love my family and friends.
I love the impact that education has on people!
Sometimes we eat arepas and sometimes tortillas and other times pupusas.
My family belongs to many, many countries.
Sometimes we understand each other, and other times no coordinamos!
We speak Spanish and English. Most of the times we combine both.
Sometimes other languages are introduced and we embrace them all.
Sometimes we crave Pho, other times sopa de pollo o pozole.
I love Hickory, but also love Medellin.
I enjoy the beach in Cancun as much as I enjoy Clearwater.
Sometimes we make compromises on what part to travel since visiting one excludes the other one.
I love this country and all its beauty. But, I also appreciate the beauty that comes from elsewhere.
Sometimes I fit in, Most of the time i don’t.
I love Colombian food– Especificament Bandeja Paisa but I also love tortas de milanesa.
Sometimes people say I am Brown. Sometimes white, sometimes don’t know. Most of the time I say, does it even matter?
I love being bilingual and multicultural.
Sometimes people ask me where I am from. Sometimes I ask myself the same question?
I love my accent. It makes me unique and one of my life rules is to BE YOU!
Sometimes i pray to Virgen de Guadalupe and other times to Virgen Maria y divino nino. Others times, I meditate directly to God.
To me Being Latino is honoring the past, your heritage, honoring your present, learning from each other, struggling together, succeeding together, and appreciating together. We are of all shades and colors, languages and our stories are very different, but our struggles seem similar.
This month we celebrate National Hispanic Month, but I celebrate it every day. I am Latino and proud this month and always.
Celebrate! Be great!

Some of my favorite photos from The National Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago taken on 9/5